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0053999: The [object Object] is shown instead of the corresponding description
When logged in as the user 'vallblanca' and assigning the Safe Box to the terminal in POS1, an attempt to log in under 'demouser' (for instance) results to the displaying of an 'Error' along with a corresponding description (it is the expected behavior)
In POS2, upon applying the same actions, an 'Error' is displayed, but the description appears as [object Object]

Define Safe Box in the backoffice:
Go to Safe Box window
Create a new record:
    • Organization: Vall Blanca Store
    • Comercial Name: VBS Safe Box 01
    • Search Key: VBS-SB-01
    • User for Safe Box: Vall Blanca Store User
Save the record

Go to Financial Account window and create a new record:
    • Organization: Vall Blanca Store
    • Name: SafeBox Cashbook 01
    • Currency: EUR
    • Type: Cash
Push Ctrl+S to save the changes
Go to Payment Method tab and create a new record:
    • Payment Mtehod: Cash
Leave the remaining fields as default and push Ctrl+S to save the changes

Return to Safe Box window and select 'VBS-SB-01' record
Go to Payment Method tab and create a new record:
    • Financial Account: SafeBox Cashbook 01 - EUR
    • Payment Method: Cash
    • Cash: Checked
    • Cash Differences: VBS Cash differences
    • G/L Item for Cash Drop/Deposit: VBS Mandatory G/L Item for Cash up
    • Count Cash: Checked
    • Automate Movement to Other Account: Checked
    • Keep Fixed Amount: unchecked
    • Allow Variable Amount: unchecked
    • Allow Not to Move: Checked
    • Allow Move Everything: Checked
    • Count Difference Limit: 10
Push Ctrl+S to save the changes

Go to Channel - Touch Point Type window
Open 'POS2SD VBS POS2 Terminal Type'
Tick the 'Use Safe Box' checkbox
Go to Payment Method tab → open 'Cash'payment method
Tick 'Defined in Safebox' and save the changes
1.Go to POS2 (Username:vallblanca/password:openbravo)
2.Click the 'Next' button on the 'Step 1: Set Business Date'
3.Click the 'Next' button on the 'Step 2: Set Available Cash'
4.Click the row with Drawer = VBS-SB-01 on the 'Step 3: Select Drawer (Optional)'
5.Push 'Finish' on the step 4 of 4: Set Available Cash for Safebox: VBS-SB-01
6.Click the 'vallblanca' user button → Push 'Log out' button
7.Push 'Log out' button on the shown pop-up
8.Log in using username: demouser/password:openbravo
9.Observe the error indicating that safe box is linked to the terminal

Actual result: The error with [object Object] description is shown
Expected result: The error with the corresponding description is shown
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