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0053990POS2POSpublic2023-11-21 15:402024-04-05 13:21
0053990: Search bar doesn't filter products by selected schema
When searching for products using the search bar, it is possible to receive results that do not belong to the selected schema.

In such cases, the user can still add the resulting products to the order under the selected schema, even if they belong to a different schema.
- In Livebuilds in POS2 with modules.
- With the "store" schema selected search for "cheese" (or any product not belonging to the store schema).
- Notice how the results are "cheese cake" and "cheeseburgers" (products that don't belong to the "store "schema)".
- Go from search to browse.
- Add the "cheese cake" product to the order.
- Change the schema to "restaurant".
- Notice how the "cheese cake" product retains the label of the "store" schema.
- The selected schema must function as a filter during searches. This ensures that when users search for a product, they only receive results for products associated with the selected schema.
- If the user changes the schema after performing a product search, the results should be refreshed accordingly.
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