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0053941POS2POSpublic2023-11-15 10:082023-11-27 10:51
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0053941: Date input tool overwrite value incorrectly when edited
Modifying a correct date by typing a new date in the input tool automatically changes its entire value.

This behavior is primarily observed when modifying a value, not when introducing a new one in an empty field.

The issue is reproducible across all date input tools, including Organization Variables edition, selecting a delivery date for an order, and assigning a birthday date to a customer.

This behavior can be easily reproducible by executing Cypress test "Organization Variables" in local (not in CI, as it is not reproducible in Jenkins)

And it can be reproducible manually in livebuilds.
-Log in to POS (pos2+modules livebuilds).
- Click on the "Restaurant" tab in the lateral bar to reveal more options.
- Select the "Organization Variables" option.
- Click "Edit" for an organization variable.
- Click at the beginning of the date in the current "Initial date" field.
- Type a valid date, for example, "22052020", and observe the unexpected behavior:
At some point, when typing one of the numbers to rewrite the previous date, the entire date is overwritten by itself with a non desired date.

If the behavior has not been reproduced by following the steps, repeat the last 2 steps.
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