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0053856: [23Q4][Discount Coupons] "Valid to" field in the Discount Coupons configuration does not include that specific day
At the moment of configuring the Discount Coupons, there to fields related to dates: Valid From and Valid To. In the case both fields are filled with the current day, that coupon will be useless since it can be saved but it is not valid. "Valid To" field must allow to use the coupon in the specified date (check attached image).
0-Login Backoffice and go to Discount Coupons window.
1-Create a new record in form view with the following data:
Organization: The White Valley Group
Coupon code: TTCoupon
Promotion/Discount: Avalanche trasnceiver discount
Business Partner: Arturo Montoro
Valid From: <current day>
Valid To: <current day>

Status: Available
Expires after 1 use: unchecked
Save the record.
2-Go to POS2 and login.
3-Above the empty ticket, change the current customer to Arturo Montoro.
4-Click the 3 dots button and select Coupons option.
5-Click Redeem Coupon, write TTCoupon and click "REDEEM" button. DEFECT: It will not be possible to add the coupon.
"Valid To" field must allow the POS2 user to use the coupon in the specified date
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