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0053588ModulesExternal Data Integrationpublic2023-10-04 11:352023-10-04 17:13
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0053588: Add missing checks to ensure the correct definition of the property mappings
Currently the check to determine if a mapping is supported in an import or export flow is being done when the property mapping itself is processed.

But it would be nice to have an early detection when the mapping is being defined so that we can help to prevent the creation of wrong mapping definitions.

Currently we have not almost any check for this apart from the specific check we added with 0053564 for the OrganizationDateTimeDirectPropertyMapping
Add checks in the src/org/openbravo/service/external/integration/handler/ to ensure that the property mapping is properly defined. Some checks to be added are:

1) if according to the type of the property, the mapping class can be used.
2) if the mapping references another entity mapping, ensure that both are for the same integration direction, this can help to avoid problems like the one reported in 0051028
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