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0053479POS2POSpublic2023-09-18 18:442023-10-02 15:45
0053479: [CRM] - Edit button on the customer not working
the Edit button on the customer form is often not working => We click on it but nothing happens.

Remark: → It doesn't work only when searching a client (in order to assign him to the ticket) and going to the eye menu, without adding him first to the ticket, and clicking on edit
- Log in the WebPos
- Click on icon to assign a client to the ticket
- Search for a client and click on the eye
- Click on edit
--> it doesnt work (see video)

All the other workaround to edit a client are working OK
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? Edit button in LIVEBUILD.mp4 (1,974,419) 2023-09-18 18:44
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Issue is not reproducible. It is fixed in scope of the latest UI changes