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0053469Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2023-09-15 21:162023-09-22 08:05
0053469: [PROMO] The "created by" field in the Discounted Copy took on the value of the original promotion
In the copy discount process, the field "Created by" in Audit section displays the value "Created by" of the original promotion but not the value of the new promotion.
1.Connect to the backoffice with a user U1.
2.In Discount and promotion window, create a new discount:
Organization: select one organization
Discount/Promotion type: Price adjustment
Name: Test created by in copy discount
Starting date: Today
Discounted amount = 20
Application Method=Automatic

Save the record.

3. See that in Audit section, the field "Created by" display the user U1.

4. Log out from the backoffice, and log in with a new user U2.

5. Go to the Discount and promotion window.

6. Select the "Test created by in copy discount"

7. Click on the button "Copy discount"

8. Give a name to this new promotion such as "Test created by in copy discount - U2"

9. See that in "Test created by in copy discount - U2", the created by remains U1

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Fixes ISSUE-53469: Displayed correct Audit in cloned offer

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