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0053341POS2Corepublic2023-08-31 08:042023-09-05 17:38
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0053341: Some messages in approval dialog are not completely seen in portrait mode
In portrait mode, some error messages shown in the approval dialog are not completely seen, they get truncated if they are long enough.

See attached screenshots taken in a 360x640 resolution: message in msg2.png is truncated because it is long enough.
1) Configure a user action to require approval for a user, for example the "Delete Line" one
2) Login in POS2 with that user, in portrait mode
3) Create a ticket, add a line and then click on the delete line button
4) The approval dialog is shown. Enter the credentials of a user which cannot give the approval. Note that in this case, the error message is displayed, but is not completely seen, it gets truncated (see attached image msg2.png).
Display a tooltip when pressing on the error text (not in the input but in the text itself)
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related to defect 0053283 closed caristu Approval for Manager 
related to defect 0053383 closed dbaz The forms of the approval dialog should match the design 
png msg1.png (21,949) 2023-09-05 17:35

png msg2.png (22,005) 2023-09-05 17:36

png msg3.png (22,250) 2023-09-05 17:36
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