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0053206: Portrait mode is not working in login screen
When a component, for example, a base dialog is defined in the login screen window, the portrait css tag is not being created properly.

The reason is that the variable that is taken into account to set the value of this tag is not defined until the main application is loaded.

See: [^]

appState.UI.windowSize -> Its parameters value is undefined
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related to feature request 0053112 closed njimenez Add expiry password form to react POS 
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Once this issue is resolved the related issue 53112 should be update. On this issue a new dialog has been added to the login screen window. In order to achive the required styles a section has been added to define the full screen mode in case the ui turns in portrait sizes.

Once this issue is solve this temporal atributes should be deleted as they will be already defined. [^]
2023-08-24 14:43   
Merge Request created: [^]