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0053167ModulesAdvanced Warehouse Operationspublic2023-08-04 13:192023-08-04 13:19
Triage Omni WMS 
0053167: [23Q3] "Update inventory status" popup is displaced from its proper position if accessed twice in a row
When AWO user accesses twice in a row to "Update inventory status" popup, it is displaced.
0-Login AWO frontend.
1-Open dropdown menu and choose Status option. Enter "000" as string and click magnifier button.
2-Select "Vino Rosado 0,75L" record and click inspect.
3-Now, directly click "Vino Rosado 0,75L" again and relase the "Update inventory status for "Vino Rosado 0,75L" is displaced at the bottom right of the screen.
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related to defect 0051639 new Triage Omni WMS [23Q1][AWO] Put Away popup is moved from its proper location in case user access that menu option twice in a row 
png PopupIsMoved.png (2,167,091) 2023-08-04 13:19
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