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0053165ModulesAdvanced Warehouse Operationspublic2023-08-04 12:512023-08-04 12:51
Triage Omni WMS 
0053165: [23Q3] Distribution Order popup is not dismissible clicking outside of the popup which breaks uniformity
In the application, all the popups are dismissible clicking outside of them. In this case, the Distribution Order popup can be dismissed clicking the "x" button but it is not possible to dismiss it clicking outside it.
0-Login AWO.
1-Click dropdown menu and click Distribution Order option.
2-Click New Distribution Order button at the bottom of the popup.
3-Click outside the popup to dismiss it. DEFECT: It does not work.
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png NotDismissible.png (664,342) 2023-08-04 12:51
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