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0053163ModulesAdvanced Warehouse Operationspublic2023-08-04 11:422023-08-04 11:43
Triage Omni WMS 
0053163: [23Q3] "Expected quantity" for numbers with more than 6 digits are not correctly displayed
Whenever we create a Task with expected quantity > 6 digits (100.000 Ud), the number is not displayed in a single line.
Preconditions: Have AWO configured with a warehouse definition for Purchase order (for any organization and warehouse)

ERP Context
1. Login ERP and create a new Purchase Order (window: Purchase Order)
2. Configure Purchase Order: Select Organization, Business Partner & Warehouse and save.
3. Go to "Lines" tab and create a new one: Choose any Product & "Operative Quantity" equal to 100000 (>= 6 digit number) and Save Record
4. Click "Book" orange button and complete the flow.
5. Now click "Receive" & assign the task to our user.

AWO Context:
6. Login AWO Context (livebuilds) & select "Edit Profile" and choose the "Organization" and "Warehouse" which has AWO configured + Purchase Order created.
7. Verify that the task that has been just created appears & click on it.
8. Notice Expected Quantity number - NOK: Number is separated in 2 lines like this:
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png AWO_Incorrect_UI.png (121,449) 2023-08-04 11:42
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