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0053136POS2Corepublic2023-08-02 12:562023-08-02 12:56
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0053136: [23Q3] Ctrl+D key is not captured in POS2 backoffice in a specific flow while trying to create a new record
Inside the "Product Schedule" tab, it must be possible using the Ctrl+D key to create a new record in form, but the default Google Chrome combination takes place first although the record is also generated (check attached image).
0-Login backoffice and go to Organization window.
1-Select a Organization record (e.g. "Orhi Store").
2-Go to "Schemas" tab and select a present schema. In case none is present, create a new schema to have any record in that tab.
3-Select a "Schemas" record and click "Product Schedule" tab.
4-Press "Ctrl+D" combination to Create a new record in form view. DEFECT: Realise the default Google Chrome behaviour is not captured.
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