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0053127POS2POSpublic2023-08-02 09:472024-04-03 12:01
0053127: [23Q3] In the Cash Up process, the automatic formatting of counting the payment methods amounts is not consistent
In the first step of the Cash Up process, when entering any number on the field of any payment method, the .00 adds automatically (see merged.png), except for the Cash (Coins) and Cash (Bills) only if they are split (see split.png).
1) Log in POS2
2) Add any product to the ticket
3) Pay the ticket with cash
4) Click on 'Close Till'
5) In the first step of the Cash Up process, select 'Show All Payment Mt'
6) Click on the 'Counted' field of the first payment method and enter '1' => '1.00' will be displayed automatically
7) Repeat the step 6 with the rest of the payment methods to verify it works the same way => It should work that way with the Cash payment method
8) Click on 'Split Coins & Bills'
9) Click on the 'Counted' field of Cash (Coins) or Cash (Bills) and enter '1' => '1' will be displayed instead of '1.00'
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