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0053079: [23Q3]Confirmation pop up is not shown when Issue Order
In POS1 confirmation pop up is shown when you click Issue Order from Orders list or from the ticket area. In POS2 this message is not shown.

Use product with 'Pickup in store' Delivery Mode
To configure mode go to Backoffice -> Product window -> Open the product ('Down sleeping bag 500'for instance)-> POS Properties section -> Delivery Mode
1.Go to POS2
2.Click on 'VBS Customer'-> Search for 'Arturo Montoro' customer -> Click on it
3.Add 'Down sleeping bag 500' product to the Order
4.Click 'Pay' button -> 'Cash' -> 'Done'
5.Go to Main menu -> Orders
6.Select created Order -> Click on tree dots near it -> Click on 'Issue Order'

Actual result: Confirmation pop up is not shown
Expected result: Confirmation pop up is shown with the following text: 'The order(s) have been issued and shipment have been created'
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In POS2 the confirmation to execute a user action is configurable.
Role > UserAction -> Mark it for "Ask confirmation"