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0053065: Scope of the service worker must be restricted
The scope defined for the service worker in enyo pos is '/'[1]. This means that
the service worker has control over the entire origin (i.e., all pages and assets within the same domain as the service worker). This is not correct as we only have to control the resources that affect to the specific application (enyopos, awo etc.)

[1] [^]
One of the possible ways of checking that the scope is requesting more than it should:

0) Revert the change introduced here[1], which is a workaround to avoid this problem happen
1) In a new browser tab, open main Openbravo login page
2) In a second browser tab, open the enyopos login page
3) Clear the browsers cache, and refresh the enyopos login page, note that the service worker is not only requesting resources for the enyopos, but also it is requesting the login page of the backend (Security/Login URL).

[1] [^]
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related to defect 0052839 closed caristu Openbravo ERP Extensible authentication provider infrastructure 
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