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0053039POS2POSpublic2023-07-24 12:452023-08-03 13:59
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0053039: Searching a product with the Search button is slower than pressing enter
The time interval between searching a product by using the Search button and the product appearing in the keymap is twice as much as doing the same action but using the enter key. These two ways of doing the same action should take the same time.
0) Copy this product name to your clipboard: GPS Mini
1) Log in POS2
2) Open Developer Tools and go to the Performance tab
5) Click on the Record button (or Ctrl+E) to start recording
6) In POS2, click on the Search bar
7) Paste the product name from your clipboard and quickly press enter
8) Wait until the product appears in the keymap and then, in Developer Tools, click Stop to stop recording and show the performance graphics
9) In the screenshots, search for the moment where you have copied the product name in the search bar and click there to set a timestamp
10) Then search for the moment when the product has appeared in the keymap
11) Adjust the time interval from above to match the time period between the two events => It will be around 400-500 ms (localhost) or 200-250 (livebuilds)
12) Repeat the process but clicking on the Search button near the search bar, instead of pressing the enter key => Note that the time interval will be around 800-1000 ms (localhost) or 400-500 (livebuilds)
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png performance.png (234,240) 2023-07-24 12:45
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2023-07-24 13:04   
This issue causes Cypress tests to fail unless we increase the command timeouts or we make Cypress to use the enter key as a workaround, as in this merge request: [^]