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0053011: [23Q3] Uncontrolled error message when opening a remote ticket in offline mode
By design, the list of orders is not accessible in offline mode. However, if the terminal goes offline just after the user open the list of orders, the message shown when trying to open one is not managed thus is showing a non understandable message
1. Being online, log in the POS
2. Go offline
3. Try to open the Orders list. As expected, this is not allowed.
4. Go online
5. Open the Orders list. As expected, the list is open
6. While the list of orders is shown on screen, go offline
7. Try to open a ticket, a message about "Request not allowed" is shown
Catch the error and transform the message into a more user friendly one like "This action is not allowed in offline mode"
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png OrdersOffline.png (123,212) 2023-07-20 09:30
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Fixes ISSUE-53011: Handled the uncontrolled error message when opening a remote ticket in offline mode

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