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0052996: [23Q3] In an iPhone, the upper part of the POS screen is not aligned with the phone screen border after showing the keyboard
When using an iPhone, the POS screen is showing fine until an action triggers the keyboard to show up. On closing the keyboard, the POS upper part is not in the same position as it was before.
1. Log in the POS using an iPhone in portrait mode
2. Check the main screen that is shown, everything should be properly aligned
3. Trigger an action that makes the keyboard to be shown (for example, move to Scan menu)
4. Close the keyboard. The expected behavior is for the screen to be as it was in step 2. However, the upper part of the top bar is cropped. See attached screenshot.
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png IMG_0001.PNG (166,261) 2023-07-19 09:37
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