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0052985Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2023-07-17 16:482023-07-17 17:41
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0052985: Remove option to trigger full 2.50 UI (with menu + full NavigationBar)
Issue 13891 added code long time ago in 2010 to hide some parts of the (back then) full 2.50 UI when running in new UI.

That new UI (3.0) is default since a long time.
Today running full 2.50 style UI is no longer useful.

See attached image with marker for the obsolete items:
- (marked blue) Left side menu shown (but content no longer existing in it)
- (marked purple) Full NavigationBar (with i.e. back+refresh buttons)
- (marked yellow) LeftTabsBar (with button to show/hide left menu)

Remove the code to do so
Login to Openbravo backoffice.
Open this URL:
http://localhost:8080/openbravo/security/Menu.html?url=/ad_reports/ReportGeneralLedger.html&noprefs=true&hideMenu=false&Command=DEFAULT [^]

That is normally invisible call done when opening 2.50 style reports but setting hideMenu=false in it.
Remove codd branches for hideMenu=false
Instead error out if it is trying to be used.
Cleanup any code which can no longer be triggered:
- hideMenu=false
- #Hide_BackButton not set
- Utility.isNewUI (returning false)
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related to feature request 0013891 closed dbaz ToolBar and LeftTabsBar classes need to be changed for New Layout 
png 52985-oldUI.png (65,912) 2023-07-17 16:51
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