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0052943: [23Q3] Lowering the Proof of Payment quantity from one to zero is done in a wacky way
In order to return the value to zero for a Proof of Payment, the minus sign does not work but the check field at the left has to be unmarked

In the Verified Returns window behavior is the expected one so it should be the same for Proof of Payment.
1. Open a delivered ticket's Proof of Payment window
2. Create a new one using the "Select products from order" option
3. The product selector is shown
4. Click the '+' in one product
5. Click the '-' in the same product and see in the background a message about a non-valid value
6. In order to return the value to zero, the check field at the left has to be unmarked

Repeat steps 3 to 6 in the Verified Returns window and check what is the expected behavior.
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png ProofOfPayment.png (59,727) 2023-07-10 13:00
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Author: Rajesh Senthilkumar <>
Date: 06-10-2023 06:26:15
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Fixes ISSUE-52943: Proof of Payment quantity can set to be 0

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/SelectLines/SelectedLinesGrid/SelectLinesFractionIncrementalInput/SelectLinesFractionIncrementalInput.jsx