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0052923POS2POSpublic2023-07-05 07:002023-08-18 08:35
0052923: No Validation for line Discounts when modifying discount percentage
When applying a discount for a line product, and trying to modify the discount % or the discount amount, it gets applied whatever the value is.

Attaching a video link FYR : [^]

1. Add some products to the ticket
2. Click on the product line to apply the discount
3. Select any available variable discount & try to modify the discount % or the discount amount
4. The maximum discount gets applied even if its greater than 100%, also in case of amount it gets applied even if the discounted amount is more than the value of the product.
There should be validation to check for discount percentage greater than 0% and less than or equal to 100%.

Also, in case of variable amount, there should be validation to check for the product price & discount price
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duplicate of defect 0050739 scheduled Rajesh_18 Discount is not properly applied when user defined discount is applied 
related to defect 0053027 closed Rajesh_18 [23Q3] Receipt Properties button is not shown in a Return order 
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

Repository: [^]
Changeset: 161b0c9c2317e23dd7833750759d6187e9ca7463
Author: Rajesh Senthilkumar <>
Date: 18-08-2023 06:35:17
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-52923: Validation for line Discounts when modifying discount. Discounts greater than 100% will not be possible to be applied.

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/ButtonBar1/ButtonBar1-DraftReturn.config.json
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Discounts/ManualDiscount/ApplyDiscountButton/ApplyDiscountButton.jsx
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.pos2/src/components/Discounts/ManualDiscount/DiscountInputAmountCell/DiscountInputAmountCell.jsx
2023-08-18 08:35   
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