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0005287Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2008-09-26 23:012008-11-17 06:53
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20Gentoo 2.6.24
0005287: Case sensitive parametrization option for fields
Users should be able to specify whether a particular field is case sensitive or insensitive for searches.
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duplicate of feature request 0004205 acknowledged rmorley Searching criteria > Case sensitive searchs 
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2008-10-12 19:40   
Please provide a more complete explanation of the desired behavior. Please do not express it in terms of code as in 5054 but in functional terms (what do you want users to be able to do).

Please also provide a justification of why this is important.

Personally I do not see the benefit (if anything I would think that this is NOT a desired behavior for search keys and document numbers) so it is important that you explain your rationale for this request.

2008-10-20 23:12   
On one hand, some users define case sensitive identifiers on their product catalogue. For example: ACT01C, ACT01c, ACT02C, ACT02c, etc. This is way it is important for this user to use case sensitive searching.

On the other hand, some users do not pay attention on identifiers case, so the define: BER01, Ber02, BER03, ber04, etc. And when they want to search for a particular record starting with BER% only 2 record are showed, ber% only one record is showed, etc. Applying case sensitive to searches is annoying.

Takinto into account the previous example, the feature request is based on having the option to make a field or a column case sensitive, or not, throught the application dictonary (for generated windows) and also for manual windows.

Is this explanation enough? Do I have explaine my self clearly?
2008-10-26 20:12   
Original description:

Be able to setup case sensitive functionality for each field.

Related with issue 0005054