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0052787Retail ModulesCash Managementpublic2023-06-20 11:252023-07-17 11:26
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0052787: Payment amount is not removed from safebox count when using Cash Management Event

When doing a Cash Management Event (withdrawal) with a payment that is not cash in a safebox, and when that payment has been defined as "Count per amount", then the amount withdrawal is still proposed in the safebox count interface.

This issue is present on Weldom environment (using envelopes), I couldn't reproduce the same configuration on the livebuilds, but it seems that there we no customization for the count per amount part.

We can schedule a meet if necessary.
Log to the POS
Define a safebox (allowing check payment)
(New ticket)
Select a product
Pay the ticket by check
(New ticket)
Select another product (different price)
Pay the ticket by check
Do a cash management
Withdraw the amount of the first payment
Create an envelope
Count the safebox
In the counting step of the check payment, the 2 payments are present
This is probably due on how the count per amount is working
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2023-07-17 11:17   
After analyzing the issue we are moving it to feature request:
-> An integration with "count per amount" is required for cash management. When drop/deposit operations are performed with this kind of payment methods it is needed to indicate which kind of items are being used. It is the only way that we have to keep the count correct