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0052724: “User language” is not taken in account for “Translated Product Name” in WebPOS REACT
When a product has a translation defined in the Back-Office (for its product name)

Currently the product names never change in POS2 (always in French or always in English for each product)

We identify that the product it is in the language of the first connected user to this TILL (when the Product had been created in the TILL) :

If the user was connected in french, the “Product Name” of this product will be always displayed in French (never in English).
If the user was connected in english, the “Product Name” of this product will be always displayed in English (never in french).
You have to have two languages defined for the product, English and the translation to French for example.

Then, after the creation with the two languages defined, login in the POS2 and check if changing the User language in your profile, if the product changes its name.
In WebPOS REACT : When the user change the language (in his profile) :

The displayed product Name are refreshed to be displayed in the selected language for the user.
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Currently this is a limitation of the way translatable info is managed at masterdata level:
- Data is loaded using the language of the initial login/full refresh
- Switching language is not supported, meaning that:
   - If language is switched, you will still see labels in the original language
   - If an incremental refresh is triggered and new data comes, while operating in a different language, the new data will come in the current language, leading to the records being shown in different languages depending on when they were loaded

So essentially, language switching in one terminal is not supported if translation is used for masterdata entities.