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0052708Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Portugalpublic2023-06-09 08:102023-06-30 15:44
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0052708: Simplified invoice threshold and customer data request implementation
For the Portugal certification new validations are needed when the checkout (pay button) is performed:
- The cashier needs to choose a type of customer when the amount of the ticket is more than a threshold and the full invoice has not been issued. Depending on the type of customer the cashier will be requested to generate the full invoice.
- Once the invoice has been issued, the cashier will be requested to provide some information about the customer:
Customer Name
Customer Tax ID - It adds a validation for the tax id
Customer Invoice Address
Address 1
Address 2
Zip code
- Create a new ticket
- Add a product
- Pay it
- The customer type pop up will be provided.
- If the total amount is more or equals to 1000 and the type is Final Consumer, a message requesting for issuing and invoice will be requested. If the total amount is more or equals to 100 and the customer type is not final consumer, the same message will be provided.
- Issue the invoice.
- Pay it
- A new popup requesting for the customer information will be provided. If the tax id provided is not a Portugal valid tax id, the system will provide and information message and the information will be requested again.
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depends on feature request 0052730 closed jonae Retail Modules Adding checkout event to fiscalization API 
blocks feature request 0052780 closed jonae Openbravo Localizations The export saft process has to get the information from the data provided and stored by the fiscalization API 
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Fixes ISSUE-52708: Adding threshold and issue invoice validations using the fiscalization API.

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A web-test/ticket/TicketUtils-needToValidateAmountThreshold.test.js
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