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0052640Retail ModulesWeb POSpublic2023-06-01 13:132023-06-22 10:19
30Openbravo Appliance 14.04
0052640: Can't push a product and its complementary product through the orderloader
We can't upload a product and its complementary product through the orderloader.

It is impossible to make a new order with a product and its existing complementary product.
We can create orders and get orders that contain products that have linked complementary products but we can't create them. We have to create the separately which beats the purpose of a complementary product that has to be linked with its product in the order.

We should be able to push a complementary product through the orderloader with something like this:

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2023-06-07 10:11   
The use case is as follows:
1. An order is created in an external system (not yet in Openbravo) This order contains a product and its corresponding complementary product.
2. The external system tries to upload and send the information of this order through the Orderloader.

ISSUE: The external system CANNOT send the order since there is no way for it to specify that there is a complementary product in it.
2023-06-22 10:19   
This issue comes from a custom functionality so it should not be here.
In any case, MR has been created to fix it.