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0052568: Uncaught JS error thrown when working with backoffice windows under some circumstances
Uncaught JS error thrown when working with backoffice windows under some circumstances. This error is not reproduced on every window, at least it is required to have a callout being executed when a field change and a display logic based on a value computed with that callout.
0) Setup an environment with and module. This have we'll be able to reproduce the issue in the [Event Subscription] window.
1) Go to the [External System] window and create two external systems: one with protocol "Touchpoint - Frontend" and the other with protocol "HTTP - Backend"
2) Go to the [Event Subscription] window. Create a new record in form view:
  - Organization: any
  - Event: "Event Payment Provider"
  - External System: The one created with "HTTP - Backend" protocol
3) Save the record. It will not be possible because there is an event handler prevent it. This is correct.
4) Change now the external system and select the one created with "Touchpoint - Frontend" protocol. Notice that a JS error is fired in the console and we cannot work with the form anymore until the changes are discarded.

The JS error fired is:

ISC_Combined.js:254 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be removed is no longer a child of this node. Perhaps it was moved in a 'blur' event handler?
    at _2.isc_Canvas__updateParentHTML [as $p9] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_Canvas__updateHTML [as $ra] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_Canvas_redraw [as redraw] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_DynamicForm_redraw [as redraw] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_c_Class_invokeSuper [as invokeSuper] ( [^])
    at _2.isc_c_Class_Super [as Super] ( [^])
    at _2.redraw ( [^])
    at _2.processFICReturn ( [^])
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related to design defect 0051088 closed adrianromero Retail Modules [Payment Limit validation] Event payment limit management should be configurable at organization or touchpoint type level 
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