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0052565ModulesOpenbravo Business APIpublic2023-05-25 12:342023-08-24 12:53
Triage Platform Conn 
0052565: API documentation fields
We need some changes in the Entity definition to properly document it:

- MUST HAVE: Increase the Entity's description length so it can support very long descriptions. Transform to Text reference so it's not displayed in one line.

- SHOULD HAVE: Increase the property mapping instance's description too

- NICE TO HAVE: Add a description field to the Java Property Mapping handlers and, if possible, split the different properties so each one can be documented separately
Try to add a long description to any of the above entities. You don't have enough space.
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related to feature request 0049291 acknowledged Triage Platform Conn Properties mapped with java property mappings are not documented properly 
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