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0052553Openbravo ERP04. Warehouse managementpublic2023-05-24 15:222023-06-12 12:51
0052553: Missing negative correction adjustment when adjusting a previous transaction
Having a receipt that requires a negative stock adjustment. And that original processing already adjusted it.
When manually adjusting a previous transaction's cost the receipt cost is not updated with a newer adjustment amount so the total cost amount after that transaction is zero.
1. Enable negative correction preference.
2. Create a new product to have a clean transaction list.
3. Set a purchase price of 1EUR and sales price of 2EUR to the new product.
4. Set a cost of 10EUR/unit to the product
5. Create a Sales Order and SHIPMENT of 100 units and process it.
6. If the selected locator does not allow overissue change its status to a one allowing it and process the shipment generating a negative stock.
7. Check it uses the manual cost (10EUR/unit) since it is an outgoing transaction
8. Create a Purchase Order and Receipt of 100 units from the same locator.
9. Note the cost generated by the receipt was 10EUR/unit as the total stock is zero so previous average cost is initially kept.
10. A negative stock adjustmetn is triggered that changes the average cost generated by the receipt to 1EUR/Unit as expected by the purchase price.
11. At this point
- the shipment is valued as 1000EUR
- the receipt is valued as 100 (original cost) + 900EUR (negative stock adjustment)
- total accumulated cost of the product is zero.
- total stock is zero.


12. Create a Manual Cost Adjustmetn on the Shipment so the cost is 100EUR (1EUR/unit).
13. Shipment new cost is 100EUR = 1000EUR (original cost) - 900 (manual adjustmetn)
14. Receipt is not adjusted.
15. Total accumulated cost is 900EUR (1000EUR receipt - 100EUR shipment)
16. Total stock is zero.

THIS IS WRONG. The receipt should have a negative stock adjusment done after the manual cost adjustment so the total accumulated cost is ZERO again.
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Fixes ISSUE-52553: Missing negative correction adjustment when adjusting a previous transaction

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