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0052549Openbravo ERP04. Warehouse managementpublic2023-05-24 11:402023-05-29 14:31
Triage Omni WMS 
0052549: [RM-3378] Cant differentiate bins when we create a DO from BO
Even if you use a restricition when creating DO OTF you do not see the stock depending on the bin selected but all available stock
Video: [^]
From BackOffice create a DO OTF
Add a BINRestriction, for example BIN food02
Add Lines
All products are available regardless of the restriction
In BO, in the DOi widonw, when a new DOi is created with ‘On The Fly’=yes and a bin selected as restriction → in the product selector in lines, to show only the stock available it the selected bin.
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2023-05-29 14:31   
This is working as expected: the restrictions are only applied when working with the mobile device, not from the backoffice.