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0052376: [23Q2][UX] Unnecessary sidebar in the Approval Required popup with select reason option active
According to [^] "Approval Required" popup contents height should be revisited to avoid scrollbar if possible. At the moment if you configure approval required with "Select Reason" an unnecessary sidebar will appears (if you scroll down, no new information will appear)
0.- Precondition :
  Login on the ERP as Openbravo
  Then change the ERP role to “The White Valley Group Admin” role.
  Navigate to “Role” window
  Select the role Name "VallBlancaUser" and select Tab "User Action Access"
  Search for User Action "Delete line" and change the following options:
    - Approval: "Approval required"
    - Reasons Request Type: "Define Action Reasons (Mandatory)"
    - Confirmation Required should be unchecked.

  Navigate to "User Action Reason" window and create a new record with the following information
    - User Action: "DeleteLine"
    - Text: "Test"
    - Include Additional Comments: "Mandatory"
    - Active: Checked
  Save the changes.
1.- Login in POS as vallblanca
2.- Select "Avalanche Tranceiver" product
3.- Click on the product ticket line then "Delete Line"

The Approval Required pop-up should now appear. Note that an unnecessary sidebar appears to the right of this popup
check proper layout in attached image with the "proper_approval_required.png" name
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png approval_required.png (60,063) 2023-05-08 09:06

png proper_approval_required.png (138,313) 2023-05-08 09:35
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