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0052112POS2POSpublic2023-04-13 08:442023-04-26 08:43
Automated tests
2023-04-12 [^]
0052112: Closing Till displays an uncaught error when reading "counted"
Regression whenever a close till flow is started and searches for payment methods amounts to count, a red notification is displayed with the following message:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'counted')

If user decides to match payment methods and continue with the close till flow to the next step, a full screen error is displayed with the following message:
Cannot destructure property 'amountToKeep' of 'b.current' as it is undefined.

This is ONLY visible if a payment method (Card, Cash, Voucher, USA Cash) has been previously used to pay a ticket.
-Login POS2 (livebuilds)
-Add avalanche transceiver to the ticket
-Pay the ticket with Cash (for example)
-Unfold lateral option "Till" and click "Close Till"
NOK - Notice the error notification at bottom of the screen

EXTRA: If trying to continue with flow
- Match Expected for payment method (notice anormal grid refresh when clicking "Counted" input field for payment method")
- Click "Next" button
NOK - Full screen error is displayed with the message:
Cannot destructure property 'amountToKeep' of 'b.current' as it is undefined.
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png CashUp_error_continue_flow.png (39,566) 2023-04-13 08:44
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Issue introduces by commit: [^]
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Introduced commit has been reverted. So this issue is no longer reproducible.