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0052082: If Initial Count is not necessary, POS is not properly opened and display message on each login
A touchpoint is configured with only payment methods that doesn't need initial count nor count when cash up

On POS, after store open, at each login messages are displayed ("Closed Tills but store is opened" or "Pending Cash Up and Closed Till" if sales have been made)

This is because the till is not properly opened on Backoffice (window Terminals and Tills status)
On backoffice, Organization is configured with :
- Automatic Business Date = true
- Allow enter the POS is different date = false
- Allow reopen store on same day = false
- Close store automatically after last cash up = Ask
(see Organization conf.png)

On touchpoint type, credit card PM is configured with :
- Count Payment in Cash Up = false
- Initial Count = false
(see Touchpoint type conf.png)

On touchpoint (VBS-3 copied from VBS-2), only credit card PM is active
(see Touchpoint conf.png)

Log in POS on created touchpoint VBS-3 : no initial count is asked
The store is opened in BO but
=> On Terminals and Tills window, the till stays with Open Tills = No
(see Terminals and tills BO.png)

Because of this, messages are displayed on POS :
1) Log out and log in
=> A message "Closed Tills but store is opened" is displayed
(see POS closed tills store opened.png)

2) Click on Continue on the previous message
Make a sale
Log out and log in
=> A message "Pending Cash Up and Closed Till" is displayed, still because the till is not properly opened in BO
(see POS pending cash up.png)
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png Terminals and tills BO.png (158,682) 2023-04-07 10:34

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png POS pending cash up.png (109,780) 2023-04-07 10:34
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Fixed ISSUE-52082: Till should be opened if there is no payment method
* When doing initial count, till should be opened
  if there is no payment method is active for initial count

M web-jspack/org.openbravo.retail.sessions/src/model/till/user-actions/ValidateClosedTillsNotClosedStore.js
M web-jspack/org.openbravo.retail.sessions/src/model/till/user-actions/__test__/validateClosedTillsNotClosedStore.test.jsx
2023-07-07 06:07   
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