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0052064Openbravo ERPB. User interfacepublic2023-04-05 01:062023-05-08 13:30
0052064: Product windows save custom views with errors.
When we save a custom view with a tab containing a configured display logic, it is displayed correctly when entering the view.
1- Have a tab configured with a display logic in the product window.
2- Enter the Product window, select a record and open the tab.
3- Then save the view.
4- Log out and log in again with the user. Open the window and select the saved view.
5- Verify that it is displayed with errors and until you select a record and another tab, it is not fixed.

Example video: [^]
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Changeset: 4ce898b84c9efe4b674e17f5dfb38f3361eb6eb5
Author: Augusto Mauch <>
Date: 08-05-2023 11:08:04
URL: [^]

Fixes ISSUE-52064: Prevent problem when saving views with active tabs with display logic

There is a problem when restoring a saved view that contains a tab that includes display logic, because sometimes the conditions
that were met to make the tab available when saving the view, are no longer met when restoring it, resulting in inconsistencies.

To prevent this problem, we will not allow to store saved views if any active subtab has display logic

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