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0051904Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2023-03-17 13:502023-04-11 14:35
0051904: Dates are left empty when searching via “Add Organization button” in Discount&Promo
A story was raised and delivered to the client to have a new functionality that allows the automatics filling of dates when adding an Organization in a promo so that: dates of organization = dates of promo (editable if needed).

Yet, this functionality is not working when adding via "Add Organizations" button, but is working via the Org subtab. [^]
Go to livebuild
- discount and promo
- organization filter to only those defined
- add a starting and ending date to the promo
- click "Add Organizations" button
- select an Org
- click ok
--> no dates are entered
For ‘Organization’ in Discounts and Promotion, default value should be the ones defined on header
related to defect 0050441 closed jlopez Start/End Date in Discounts: missing requirements 
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