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0051855Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Italypublic2023-03-15 10:132023-03-16 17:08
0051855: Unexpected popup message when doing a blind return
When doing a blind return in Italy I get an unexpected popup because of the development done for Jira RM-4727 in which the code is controlling the invoice logic in the returns transactions.

See the popup attached.
-Login an Italian terminal.
-Add an article.
-Select the line and press ‘Return line’/Open the menu and select the ‘Return this receipt menu option’.
-Once the line is negative, press the checkout button.
-Do refund and complete the returns transaction.
-Check the popup appearing.
As I’m performing a blind return I should never have this popup as I’m just doing a blind one, I do not need to check the document type of any reference sale.

If I’m doing a simplified return using the RTP I should always shoew the blind return popup.
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png popup4727.png (78,266) 2023-03-15 10:13
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