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0051794: The till drawer does not work in case the RTP is used
Even if the configuration regarding the payment method is ready and the hardware URL is properly set at touchpoint level, in case the RTPrinter is enabled to work in a terminal the drawer is not responding according to the configuration.

On the other hand, if the RTPrinter is disabled, the till drawer is working as expected.
-Run a HWM.
-Login an Italian terminal with the RTP enabled.
-Do a sale paid in a payment method set as 'Cash', a cash management action or a cashup/open till operation.
-Check that the drawer is not responding when it should.
-Go to the backoffice, search for the terminal you are using.
-Open the record and scroll down until the fiscal parameters.
-Uncheck the 'Fiscal' checkbox.
-Refresh the data on your till.
-Repeat the step 3 above.
-Check that the drawer is responding now as it should.
The Hardware URL set at touchpoint level is normally 'http://localhost:8090/printer'. [^] Even if the printer in the HWM is not relevant as the documents are issued directly by the RTP, the drawer should always respond to any call.
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(edited on: 2023-03-16 11:51)
Issue changed to Feature Request because this is not a bug. It has not been included from the very beginning the management of a drawer in the RT-Printer integration. RT-Printer integration is the integration between the RT-Printer and the Web POS, just that.
We need to understand first if the RT-Printer has a rj7 port to plug the drawer, or not.

2023-04-20 16:27   
This issue has been handled in Jira [^]
Already corrected.