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0051485Retail ModulesDiscounts and Promotionspublic2023-01-27 13:502023-02-13 07:32
0051485: [PROMO] - Column ‘Stocked’ must be set to be empty by default for "Free product subtab" filter
In the backoffice, while configuring a promotion type "Free product per total amount", the free product has to be added through the "Free product subtab". It must not be set by default to "Y" nor "N".

1-Go to the backoffice.

2-Create a new promotion in "Discounts and promotion" window, type:"Free product per total amount".

3-Configure as usual the promotion with a name, starting date, gift reminder notification checked...

4-Go to the "Free product" subtab and try to add a product with Product type=Service (for example: Sports Accident Insurance) by typing the name in the field "Product".

5- Now, go to the magnifying glass and search for the same product. The products appear, but there is an automatic filter Stocked=N.

6- We want no filter in the column, it should not be set to neither "Y" or "N"
Objective: Remove the default filter → NO filter must be set for this column, it must be automatically set to empty.
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related to defect 0050827 closed ranjith_qualiantech_com [PROMO] - Free product per total amount: Remove the filter by default in "Free product" subtab 
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Author: Radhakrishnan Seeman <>
Date: 13-02-2023 06:32:29
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Fixed ISSUE-51485: Default filter of stock should be empty
* While searching a product in discount and promotion window, the default filter
  of stock should be empty

M src-db/database/sourcedata/OBUISEL_SELECTOR_FIELD.xml