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0051478: BP API -Wehen we create BP If we have two greetings with same name (different org) an error happen
When we have two greetings with same name (different org) an error happen. Below the error:
"Error while importing an item: query did not return a unique result: 2".
See the full stack trace attached

In addition, when a new civility is sent, it seems to be created in the organization of the user sending the JSON (IntegrationUser) and not on the organization of the business partner inside the JSON
Using postman add the request attached
The mapping should be able to define properly how to identify records univocally
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blocks defect 0051333pi closed ranjith_qualiantech_com BP API -Wehen we create BP If we have two greetings with same name (different org) an error happen 
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Directly closing issue as related merge request is already approved.

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Changeset: f6beeeb0a8d8e3121b8ba38faa65d58ddde19701
Author: Ranjith S R <>
Date: 27-01-2023 16:11:32
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Fixed ISSUE-51478: Greeting should be created always with * Org
* Added OBObjectInitializer for import greeting,
  to save greeting always in * organization

A src/org/openbravo/api/mappings/businesspartner/
2023-01-27 16:10   
Merge request merged: [^]