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0051454POS2Corepublic2023-01-25 13:542023-03-22 10:56
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0051454: Storyshot snapshots are not properly removed after running tests
Storyshot's snapshots can be used to warn about unexpected changes in component's UI. As our UI is not stable enough yet, we are removing all snapshot files once we finish jest tests. For some reason the code to remove the snapshots are not working as expected and those files are still available once tests finishes.
- Run jest, for example: '

# npm run test modules/org.openbravo.core2

- Move to modules/org.openbravo.core2 and notice that the folder web-jspack/org.openbravo.core2/__snapshots__ exists and should've been removed.
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has duplicate defect 0051873 new caristu Storyshots test is not always cleaning the snapshots folders 
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