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0051450: Keymap edition fails while importing when keymap information in terminal is not synchronized with server
When editing the Keymap using the Keymap Editor in POS2, it is possible that the data contained is not up-to-date with the info stored in server. When this mismatch occurs, terminal tries to save new product entries using a different ID that the one stored in server causing this exception:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "obpos2_keymap_prod_btn_pos_u"
- In POS Keymap -> MainApp Keymap -> Best Sellers -> Product Tab, create a new product entry without a value in "Product Button Appearance" and "Product Button Position" subtab.

- Open 2 VBS-2 terminal and refresh masterdata in both to ensure that both have the newly created product entry in Keymap Editor.

- Enter Keymap Editor -> Main App Keymap -> v1 -> Edit Layout
  - Check that the new product is available in the accordion on the left
  - Add this product to the Keymap in terminal 1 and press Save button
  - Add this product to the keymap in terminal 2 and press Save button

- Go to "errors while importing POS Data" Window in Backoffice and check there are errors.
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