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0051433: POS Fiscalization API - Sessions support
New requirement to be covered by the POS Fiscal API.
In some countries it is necessary to send Initial Count information for fiscal purposes.
Initial Count process is included in the “Session” module in POS1 (Enyo) and in the POS2 module in React, therefore we can not include any dependency to them, and it should work for both versions.
Therefore this implementation needs to be done inside the code of POS Fiscal API, as this code manages both versions. In POS1 the corresponding “hook” will be created to manage this action, if it does not exist. In POS2 the corresponding State Action will be used.
-Go to Web POS
-Open a till
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Fixes ISSUE-51433: POS Fiscalization API - Sessions support

A web-jspack/
A web-test/model/fiscalizationInitialCountCash.test.js
A web/
A web/
M src-db/database/sourcedata/AD_MESSAGE.xml
M src/org/openbravo/events/fiscalization/
M web-jspack/
M web-test/bodyBuilder/bodyBuilder.test.js
M web/
M web/
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