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0051418Openbravo LocalizationsLocalization Italypublic2023-01-19 18:472023-02-14 10:45
0051418: RTP - Duplicated store/terminal/user info in a cash management printout
When several cash management events are done in at the same time, the printout displays the store/terminal/user information for each of the events performed.

See an example attached.
-Login an Italian environment using the RTP.
-Go to the cash management menu entry.
-Do several withdrawals.
-Press 'Done' in the cash management screen.
-Check the printout.
From a functional point of view there is no need to inform the mentioned data for each of the events performed. It should be enough informing those once.
png example_51418.png (433,582) 2023-01-19 18:50
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