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0051377Openbravo ERP09. Financial managementpublic2023-01-16 12:592023-05-11 18:45
0051377: A transaction is created as not processed, when there is a difference in the Reconcile process
A transaction is created as not processed, when there is a difference in the Reconcile process
As group admin role:
   Go to Bank - Account 2 financial account
   Check Matching Algorithm field is empty
   Fill the GL Item Difference field
   Create a transaction and process it
   Click on Reconcile
   Select the previously created transaction
   Set an Ending Balance higher than the transaction amount+the beginning balance (in order to have a value different from 0 in the GL Item Differences field)
   Check a transaction with the difference is created and included in the reconciliation (fin_reconciliation_id is filled) but is it unprocessed (Processed = 'N'). Its status is also wrong and the withdrawal amount appears negative. It should be set in the Deposit Amount, right?
Create the transaction processed
Check the transaction status is the correct one
Check the current balance of the financial account is updated correctly
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Author: Francisco Javier Deler O'Farril <>
Date: 11-05-2023 16:45:19
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Fixes ISSUE-51377: A transaction is created as not processed, when there is a difference in the Reconcile process

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