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0051324Retail ModulesGift cards and gift voucherspublic2023-01-10 19:522023-01-27 06:07
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0051324: Problems when trying a giftcard from one customer on an order from another customer.
When we try to use a gift card from one customer in an order from another customer, although we have the preferences 'Web POS Show gift cards owned or bought by current customer' in N and 'WebPOS Customer using a gift card must be the one who bought' in N, the popup that should show the available gift cards does not do it correctly.
1 - Sell gift cards to 2 different customers to have several gift cards instances.
2 - Select a customer with a gift card, and try to use in his order a gift card of another customer from the payment methods panel.
3 - Go to Advanced Filters and unset the "Gift Card Owner" in order to see the gift cards of other business partners
4 - Try to use one of the gift cards of other business partners and see whether the preference 'WebPOS Customer using a gift card must be the one who bought' is as "Y" or "N" it will still not let you use the gift card.

Video with the steps: [^]
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Updated the steps to reproduce, unset in the Advanced Filters the field "Gift Card Owner" all the gift cards of other business partners appear, but you cannot use them.
2023-01-27 06:07   
Issue is not reproducible