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0051270Retail ModulesEvents for Paymentspublic2022-12-31 22:402023-01-04 12:32
Triage Platform Conn 
0051270: [Payment Limit validation amount] New view to access the customer information depending on roles
Currently, in the backoffice, for France, the passport code must be NOT displayed, only extracted by an admin or IT role.

A new view should be available in ‘Payment In’ window to access the customer information data for specific roles (IT admin).
Go to Payment In window
Select a line
Here it should be possible to display the passport code with IT admin role
Lambda user cannot access to passport information, but with this specific role it should be possible to display the information directly in the BackOffice
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This feature request is related to this JiRA [^]
Please review the comments added in the JIRA by Country Compliance team. See below:

is this mandatory for the go-live of the project? We assume it is not. We are talking about 10 years

later, we need first to research on how to implement this kind of request, but this could be done later on. We have other request about removing data for GDPR requirements. This one can be part of this generic initiative we need to research on.