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0051260POS2Corepublic2022-12-29 18:152022-12-29 18:15
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0051260: Add a new Grid Filter type to filter for a value when checked
There is a case that we don't support with the current set of filters: We want to filter for a property that has a 'true' (or any arbitrary) value when a checkbox is checked, but do not apply any filter when it is not checked. For example: Assume we want a "show only active entries" checkbox filter that will filter the grid with "active = true" when its checked but it will show all entries when unchecked.

Also, we noticed that all Grid filter types are defined in FilterTypes.jsx, so it cannot be extended by other modules, and this defintition is not consistent. Although we have a date filter, this type is not defined in FilterType enum. This is a good opportunity to refactor this infrastructure and make Filter registry better.
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