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0051258: [ALTERATION FOLLOW-UP] : Flag as Sent, the report is not printed
In Follow-up files screen (alteration follow-up), it is not possible to print the report anymore.

The printer is configured as default printer on your computer a printer to PDF.
The terminal in the hardware manager is set as follow :
machine.printer.2 = printer\:(Default),standard
and the URL link is set up in the touchpoint : http://localhost:8090/printer [^]

There is an error message when trying to print (see video [^])
Access to webpos
Access to the page "Follow up File" (quick access menu on the left)
Select the icon "3dots" of your order line
Select "Print report and flag as Sent"

Current result : Status update : "Sent" and the report is not printed
Expected result : Status update : "Sent" and the report is printed
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2023-07-31 06:48   
Issue in not reproducible in livebuilds (Confirmed with reporter)