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0051217ModulesAdvanced Warehouse Operationspublic2022-12-21 09:482022-12-21 09:50
Triage Omni WMS 
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0051217: JS error after deleting the selected line on an inventory count
The following JS error happens after deleting the selected line on an inventory count:

5549bcdf85568ca1b48e29b4159e268c.js:63087 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'lineId')
    at Object.processFinished (5549bcdf85568ca1b48e29b4159e268c.js:63087:40)
    at 5549bcdf85568ca1b48e29b4159e268c.js:17851:15
1) Login in AWO
2) In the menu, select Count in order to create a new count
3) Click on add, and select at least two products
4) Click on the first line of the count to select it
5) Click on the 'x' button for deleting the selected line, the JS error is thrown in the console
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